Jasper Reports and Data Sources


Introduction Jasper Report is a powerful open source reporting architecture. It is completely written in java and is full of features required for reporting. Following are some of the key features supported. also read: Java Tutorials Java EE Tutorials Design Patterns Tutorials Java File IO Tutorials Pixel-perfect and page-oriented reports for printing or continuous output […]

Spring with Apache Velocity


Introduction Spring is an open source framework, created by Rod Johnson. We can develop many kinds of applications using Springwhich includes basic java programs and enterprise applications. Any Java application can benefit from Spring in terms of simplicity, testability, and loose coupling. Spring supports integration with Struts, WebWork, Apache velocity , Hibernate, JDO, TopLink, EJB, […]

Introduction to Spring REST Services


Introduction This article provides an introduction to Spring’s REST services. The first section of the article provides a good introductory knowledge to the basics of REST services following by a sample application. The next section extends the introductory part by providing a bit complicated implementation by supporting the various protocol methods exposed and supported by […]

Introduction to Spring Validation


In this article, we will see the usage of Spring Validators. Spring provides a simplified set of APIs and supporting classes for validating domain objects. As always, the framework is extensible and it is possible to hook-in custom validator implementations into the framework. This article starts in explaining the basics of Spring validator by guiding […]

Struts 2.0 and JPA Integration


Struts 2.0 is the popular Open Source Presentation Tier framework developed by Apache Group. It is based on MVC Model 2 design pattern. Dispatcher Filter is the front controller for the struts2 based applications. Struts 2.0 has simplified web development for its users by introducing POJO based actions, interceptors, flexible validation and support for many […]

Invoking SOAP and RESTful Web Services using Flex 4.0


Introduction Flex 4.0 framework facilitates to interact with various kinds of RPC services. Flex Applications can invoke traditional Web Services or Restful web services that returns XML, JSON etc. MXML’s RPC components provides access to SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) based web services and Restful web services using HTTP Services. Flex supports requests and responses […]

Creating Services in Android


Introduction Services in Android are components which run in the background. They do not have any user interface. One application can start a service and the service can run in the background even if this application is switched with a new application by the user. There are two types of services namely Unbound Service and […]

SAP PP Interview Questions [Press Release – Dreamtech Press]

SAP PP Interview Questions (Hands on tips for cracking the interview) Description Technical interviews are largely focused on assessing your knowledge and skills on a specific technology or subject matter. Preparing for a technical job interview could be an uphill task, where you would need to scan voluminous books and material from numerous sources spread […]

Top 10 JavaScript Tips for your site

Introduction A good looking site is always more preferable than a bland looking site with a boring layout. To jazz up any site, a developer uses JavaScript. It is a popular programming language that used in creating a website with interactive content & elements. The script is browser based and runs independently from page to […]

Create applications using ObjectDb and JPA in NetBeans


Introduction I have been developing Java applications for a long time and the major difficulty was the coding part related to database manipulations. Recently I shifted to use Object-Relational Mapping through JPA. I have used TopLink, EclipseLink, and Hibernate. Although I could achieve the functionally I want with ease, the output was slower when compared […]