Integrating Spring Web Flow with JSF


Spring Web Flow is a framework that provides abilities to developers to capture the workflow of a web application in the form of configurational constructs called Flows. JSF is a UI framework that provides support for developing complex user interface components along with simplified page navigation rules and event handling. In this article we will […]

Creating RIA with Adobe Flex framework


Introduction Adobe Flex provides a platform for developing Rich Internet applications (RIA). Adobe Flex is not one thing but it is a combination of various languages, frameworks and builders like MXML, Action Script, SDK and Flex Builder. For creating Adobe Flex applications, we use the markup language MXML which is similar to XML in syntax. […]

Spring Framework FORM Tags


Spring FORM Tag Library Spring MVC provides a JSP tag library (Spring Form) for making it easier to bind form elements to Model data. Spring Framework also provides you with some tags for evaluating errors, setting themes and outputting internationalized messages. also read: Spring Tutorials Spring 4 Tutorials Spring Interview Questions Syntax to use Spring […]

Cloning Internet Applications with Ruby


Cloning Internet Applications with Ruby We stand on the shoulders of giants. This has been true since the time of Newton (and even before) and it is certainly true now. Much of what we know and learn of programming, we learnt from the pioneering programmers before us and what we leave behind to future generations […]

How to perform indexing in MySQL?


MySQL Admin Cookbook MySQL is the most popular open-source database and is also known for its easy set up feature. However, proper configuration beyond the default settings is still a challenge, along with some other day-to-day maintenance tasks such as backup and restoring, performance tuning, and server monitoring. This book provides both step-by-step recipes and […]

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SimpleDB versus RDBMS


Amazon SimpleDB Developer Guide SimpleDB is a highly scalable, simple-to-use, and inexpensive database in the cloud from Amazon Web Services. But in order to use SimpleDB, you really have to change your mindset. This isn’t a traditional relational database; in fact it’s not relational at all. For developers who have experience working with relational databases, […]

Writing JSF applications for J2ME clients


Introduction JSF is a Web framework for developing Component oriented web applications in the User Interface layer. Amongst the various capabilities that JSF provides, one of the major strengths of JSF is that it is not tied to any specific target device. For example, currently most of the JSF applications are running in a web […]

How to secure EJB Applications?


In this article, we will see the various aspects in securing an EJB Application. Security is vital not only for an enterprise application but also for any kind of application. It is essential to identify the system or the users accessing the applications and to provide access or denial for resources within the application based […]

Domino 7 Lotus Notes Application Development

Domino 7 Lotus Notes Application Development If you’re reading this book, you’re probably already familiar with the Domino server. You know about all the powerful productivity features offered by this product and you know how much your company relies on it to communicate, collaborate, and manage its collective store of corporate knowledge. This book is […]

Struts LOGIC messagesPresent and messagesNotPresent Tag ( < logic:messagesPresent > and < logic:messagesNotPresent >)


Struts LOGIC Tag Library Struts LOGIC tag library provides tags that are useful in managing conditional generation of output text, looping over object collections for repetitive generation of output text, and application flow management. also read: Struts 2 Tutorials Struts Interview Questions Struts and Spring Integration Syntax to use Struts LOGIC tag library &lt logic:messagesPresent […]