Java 6.0


About Java 6.0(Mustang) Java Platform, Standard Edition (also known as Java 2 Platform) lets you develop and deploy Java applications on desktops and servers, as well as today’s demanding Embedded and Real-Time environments. Java SE includes classes that support the development of Java Web Services and provides the foundation for Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java […]

Console Support in Java 6.0


Introduction The coolest feature in Java 6.0 is IO Support. One of the most popular feature requests for J2SE in recent times has been the request to improve console support and provide a way to enter passwords with echo disabled. also read: New Features in Java 6.0 – Par 1 New Features in Java 6.0 […]

Developing a Web Service with CXF


Apache CXF Web Service Development Apache CXF is an open source services framework that makes web service development easy, simplified, and standard based. CXF provides many features such as frontend programming, support for different transports and data bindings, support for different protocols, and other advanced concepts like Features and Invokers. It also provides a programming […]

Integrating JSF and JPA


Introduction MVC architecture has become the default choice for developing web applications. It has become a tradition to develop web applications using multi-tier architecture and hence involving one or more Frameworks. A Framework ensures faster development cycle and guarantees the usage of proven design patterns and architecture. There are various Frameworks available for each layer; […]

Firebug 1.5


Firebug 1.5: Editing, Debugging, and Monitoring Web Pages Firebug is a free and open source tool, available as a Mozilla Firefox extension, which allows debugging, editing, and monitoring of any website’s CSS, HTML, DOM, XHR, and JavaScript. Firebug 1.0 beta was released in December 2006. Firebug usage has grown very quickly since then. Approximately 1.3 […]

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Apache Maven 2.0 – Maven Plugins


This book offers a comprehensive look at using Maven on a project, covering not only the build system itself, but how it is best used in concert with other development infrastructures such as source control, continuous integration and build servers, and an artifact repository. We cover this territory using Subversion, Apache Continuum, and Apache Archiva, […]

Introduction to Spring Rich Client


Introduction This article provides an introductory knowledge on Spring Rich client framework for building rich Desktop applications. This article heavily uses core Spring’s configuration based approach for defining Spring beans and Dependency injection. We will develop a simple User Management Application which will provide the functions for adding, creating, updating, deleting and listing user details […]

How to write a Custom Plugin for Maven?


In this article, we will learn about Maven which is a project management framework that provides a configurable approach for managing software projects. Maven covers all the necessary phases that happen right from project creation, building, documentation, reporting, installation and deployment. This article begins with the basics of Maven along with the concepts like Project […]

JSF 2.0 – Images, CSS and Java Script


This book will cover all the important aspects involved in developing JSF applications. It provides clear instructions for getting the most out of JSF and offers many exercises to build impressive desktop-style interfaces for your web applications. You will learn to develop JSF applications starting with simple recipes and gradually moving on to complex recipes. […]

Oracle SQL Developer 2.1


Oracle SQL Developer 2.1 Oracle SQL Developer is a relatively new product included in the range of Oracle products. It was first introduced to the world in September 2005, by its code name Project Raptor. Raptor is a name many still cling to, despite being replaced very quickly with the full product name, Oracle SQL […]

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