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What is XPath?

Processing XML documents with Oracle JDeveloper 11g While a number of books on XML are available, none covers XML support in Oracle JDeveloper. Welcome …

GWT user interface components

HTML host page A GWT module needs a HTML host page to run. The HTML page includes the GWT project through the …


XML Schema Elements – Part2

Complex Elements Complex elements are those which contain other elements as children or these elements have attributes. Empty elements and elements containing …


XML Schema Elements

XML schema is a language for describing the contents and structure of a XML document. It basically creates a blue print of …


Creating XSLT documents

Introduction XSLT is used for the transformation of XML documents into XHTML. We know that HTML uses predefined set of tags which …


How to Query XML using XPath

Introduction XML Documents are nothing until some kind of Components called Parsers parses the Documents to extract the meaningful data. Some of …


XQuery Syntax

XQuery is a concept very similar to SQL. As sql is used to query database tables we can use XQuery to query …

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