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What is RSS and Atom?

About this book RSS and Atom are the most widely used of many content syndication formats that have developed over the last …


Yahoo! User Interface library(YUI)

About Yahoo! User Interface Library – Book Learning the Yahoo! User Interface Library introduces the popular open-source YUI JavaScript library and takes …


EJB 3.0 Entity Manager

Entities are classes that need to be persisted; their state is stored outside the application, typically in a relational database. Unlike session beans, …


Integrating Spring with JMS

Java Messaging Service opened the door for modeling the asynchronous mode of communication. It provides a common way of sending and receiving …

Developing JSF NetBeans 6.0

Before JSF was developed, Java web applications were typically developed using non-standard web application frameworks such as Apache Struts, Tapestry, Spring Web MVC, or …


DWR Java AJAX Applications

In this chapter, we will get to the actual hands-on work. We will develop samples based on DWR, which show how to dynamically …

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