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f:convertDateTime tag in JSF

Introduction f:convertDateTime is used for validating the date input. also read: Introduction to JSF JSF Interview Questions Request Processing Lifecycle phases in …


h:outputFormat tag in JSF

Introduction The outputFormat tag renders parameterized text and allows you to customize the appearance of this text using CSS styles. Parameterized text …


f:convertNumber Tag in JSF

What is the use? This tag is used to register the NumberConverter instance on the enclosing component. also read: Introduction to JSF …


Entity Beans in EJB(BMP)

ENTITY BEAN WITHBEAN-MANAGED PERSISTENCE Thus far, we acquainted ourselves with Sessionbeans ( both stateless & stateful) and also CMP Entity bean. also …


Entity Beans in EJB(CMP)

Entity beans are characterized by the following 3 features. They are 'Persistent'. ( they are stored inhard-disk) They are shared by many …

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