How To Check Plug-In Support In Browser using JavaScript


A plug-in is a piece of software or module which acts as add-on or extension to a web browser and adds additional functionality to existing software application. There are programs which can be installed easily and used as part of the web browser. It allows web browser to display additional content and enables customization when […]

PrimeFaces BlockUI + Client Side API Example


BlockUI Primefaces component provides you the ability control the component from a pre defined Client Side API that could be invoked through using of JavaScript code. For enabling the call of client side API, you have to define the WidgetVar for the BlockUI component. 1. The View index.xhtml 2. Managed Bean 3. Primefaces BlockUI + Client Side API Demo […]

PrimeFaces BlockUI Example


Primefaces BlockUI component is used to block interactivity of JSF components with optional Ajax integration. BlockUI requires trigger and block attributes to be defined. With the special ajax integration, ajax requests whose source are the trigger components will block the UI onstart and unblock oncomplete. When you submit the request to the server, the page interaction will be blocked and can display the progress of the […]

PrimeFaces AutoComplete + POJO Example


In my previous post, I have explained how to use Primefaces AutoComplete component in conjunction with completeMethod. But what if the user has decided to use a Plain Old Java Object (POJO) instead of using simple strings object as most of time that case it happens. Using a domain objects within autoComplete isn’t trivial as it contains some additional […]

PrimeFaces AutoComplete + completeMethod Example


Primefaces provides incredible amount of new components that adhered the different aspect of Ajax. One of the component AutoComplete is most widely used with the web applications. That component is AutoComplete which is a core primefaces component used for providing the user prompt suggestions while the input is being typed into the input box. This […]

Primefaces AjaxStatus Example


AjaxStatus is a global notifier for ajax requests, it uses facets to represent the request status. Most common used facets are start and complete. Start facet will be visible once the ajax request begins and stay until it’s completed. Once the ajax response is received and page is updated, start facet gets hidden and complete facet shows […]

PrimeFaces AjaxBehavior Example


AjaxBehavior is an extension to standard of f:ajax. As already mentioned at the JavaServer Faces 2 Tutorial, different components have used the f:ajax for ajaxifying the component’s behavior. If you’ve looked into section  JSF and AJAX in the JSF 2 tutorials post, you’ll find different components having attached f:ajax for ajaxiyfing purpose. Typically, AjaxBehavior act as […]

Primefaces AccordionPanel Client Side API Example


Primefaces defines JavaScript library called Widget. Widget – defined using WidgetVar - is the representation of the primefaces components on which the JavaScript works. However, primefaces does provide an implicit JavaScript object called PF for accessing the various functionality (behaviors) of primefaces widgets. Those widgets are defined using the primefaces’ WidgestVar attribute that all components have defined it as one of […]

PrimeFaces AccordionPanel – onTabChange and onTabShow Events


This tutorial explains the event change listeners used along with the AccordionPanel component. The onTabChange is called before a tab is displayed to the user and onTabShow is called after displayed to the user. Both receive container element of the tab to show as a parameter. At the other hand tabChange is the one and only ajax behavior event for accordion […]

PrimeFaces AccordionPanel – Dynamic Loading + Cache Example


If you’ve seen the primefaces accordion panel component, you are most probably asking about what’s the main important features that provided for the developer for making the component more useful. One of the feature is lazy loading of the content inside each tab. AccordionPanel supports lazy loading of tab content, when dynamic attribute is set true, […]

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