PrimeFaces AutoComplete + Client Side API


One of the robust things that could consider when you come for adapting the Primefaces implementation is the Client Side API, this API provides you a full functional facility to control the component that you want to use. AutoComplete isn’t an exception of this role, it’s also supported by a rich amount of services that […]

Primefaces BreadCrumb Example


Primefaces provides different kinds of navigation components, one of among them is BreadCrumb, it’s one of the navigation component that provides contextual information about page hierarchy in the workflow. In that a steps are defined as child menuitem components in breadcrumb. By the way the creating of menuitems can be done from through one of the following way: […]

Primefaces AutoComplete + ItemTip Example


AutoComplete primefaces component provides the developer a more powerful capability for adding a tool tip upon suggestions. Sometimes the developer want a more explanation about suggestions, something like descriptive text, images and so on. Primefaces provides additional facet for AutoComplete component, that facet has the name itemtip, Itemtip is an advanced built-in tooltip when mouse is over on suggested items. […]

Eclipse Tips : How To View Heap Status In Eclipse


This example illustrates how to view the current status of heap in the JVM where eclipse application is running. Eclipse allocates the pre-defined heap memory for its own use. If the usage reaches the maximum level, the performance of your eclipse would be very slow. Whenever it reaches the maximum level, eclipse triggers the Garbage […]

How Much Faster Is Java 8?


Java SE 8 was released last month (March 18, 2014). Traditionally, every new major JRE version comes with a free performance boost. Do we get another free lunch? And how big is the gain this time? Let’s benchmark it. Benchmark methodology Run the same code with 3 different JRE versions (SunJDK 1.6.0_26, OpenJDK 1.7.0_51 and OpenJDK 1.8.0). The code […]

PrimeFaces AutoComplete + AjaxBehavior Example


Instead of waiting for user to submit the form manually to process the selected item, you can enable instant ajax selection by using the itemSelect ajax behavior. Let’s you consider the AutoComplete that gives you set of players to select one among of them, such that behavior can be ajaxified by eliminating the needs for submission. Read […]

How To Preload Images In JavaScript


Usually high resolution images can really slow down the website. images are loaded only after an HTTP request is sent for them, either passively via an <img> tag or actively through a method call. Preloading images comes to our rescue which means loading an image into cache before being used. The simplest way to preload […]

JavaScript History Object


The History object is read only property which includes browser’s history and information about the URL’s visited by the user. It provides methods and properties for manipulating browser session history. This object can be written without the window prefix. The History object doesn’t allow the non-privileged code in the history but allows navigating the session […]

How To Test Cookie Support using JavaScript


A cookie is a small object allows servers to store user’s information on user machine. Cookies are stored in the partition assigned to the web server’s domain. All cookies for that domain are sent in every request to that web server. When a user visits a page, his name can be stored in a cookie. […]

How To Check Plug-In Support In Browser using JavaScript


A plug-in is a piece of software or module which acts as add-on or extension to a web browser and adds additional functionality to existing software application. There are programs which can be installed easily and used as part of the web browser. It allows web browser to display additional content and enables customization when […]

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