HOW TO : SignIn with Twitter using Node.js and Express.js


In my previous posts, I have explained about few of the topics on NodeJS web application framework ExpressJS. Please read the topics: REST using ExpressJS, Working with MongooseJS and CRUD operations using MongoDB and NodeJS. This post uses various combination on frameworks and shows you how to SignIn with Twitter using Node.js and Express.js frameworks. Accessing the social […]

RESTful Example using ExpressJS + Node.js + MongooseJS


RESTful Web Services Example : ExpressJS + Node.js + MongooseJS In my previous articles I have explaines about CRUD operations Node.js + MongoDB – Performing CRUD Operations and Mongoose – Node.js + MongoDB with Mongoose Tutorial. In this post I will show you how to create CRUD operations using RESTful Web Services and ExpressJS with […]

Mongoose – Node.js + MongoDB with Mongoose Tutorial


Develope Node.js + MongoDB Application with Mongoose In my previous post, I demonstrated how to perform CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations using Node.js and MongoDB API. This tutorial explains how to easily develop Node.js and MongoDB application with Mongoose application by using the Mongoose API. This tutorial assumes that reader has the knowledge on Node.js and […]

Spring : Method Injection using lookup-method property


Method Injection using lookup-method property Before start jumping into the topic, let me brief about the two important scopes in Spring and how that is working inside the spring container. Singleton scoped beans instances are created only once per container and they are re-used for the multiple requested. Prototype scoped beans instances are created for […]

Node.js + MongoDB – Performing CRUD Operations


In this post we will look at how we can implement CRUD operations using Node.js and MongoDB as the database. CRUD stands for Create Read Update Delete. The programming language we would use for this is Javascript based Node.js (Read : Introduction to Node.js) framework and MongoDB as the NoSQL database. And this example is going to […]

Hibernate / JPA – Detached entity passed to persist exception


You are here because you have just thrown out by your application with this annoying exception : javax.persistence.PersistenceException: org.hibernate.PersistentObjectException: detached entity passed to persist. There are multiple reasons that could cause this exception. But, basic idea behind this exception is that the object which you are trying to persist is not in the persistant state. […]

Introduction to Hibernate Envers


Hibernate Envers is a library that helps us to easily achieve audit functionality. It aims to enable easy auditing/versioning of persistent classes/entities. It provides a built in mechanism to maintain history of tables in Hibernate. Hibernate Envers has been created by Adam Warski. From Hibernate 3.5, Envers is part of core module. Envers works in a similar fashion to Version […]

AngularJS – Difference between ng-model and ng-bind


Data binding is the most sought feature in AngularJS. There are two directives ng-model and ng-bind are frequently used for data binding. It is often confusing to the programmers to differentiate between these two directives. Obviously, both has distinct advantages and used for different purposes altogether. This tutorial makes you understand better on when to […]

Introduction to AngularJS


AngularJS is one of the most widely used JavaScript MVC framework in the programming world. In the recent times it become more popular because of the mobile applications demand and HTML5 adoption by most of the companies in the IT industry. AngularJS framework is released by Google. AngularJS reinvents the JS framework paradigm into next […]

Java 8 Date Time API – DateTimeFormatterBuilder Example


Along with lambda expression, virtual methods, streams and many other nice features, Java 8 has also updated a new Date and Time API which is maintained under the JSR-310. One of the greatest on this new API is that all the date and time related APIs are unified under the same package java.time. In my […]