Spring MVC – component-scan Vs annotation-config Vs annotation-driven


If you are a spring developer then you might have a small confusion about the annotation processing inside spring’s IOC container. Spring MVC framework provides different configuration elements that are helping or instructing the Spring container to effectively manage the beans and inject the beans when required. Some of the XML configurations that are most […]

Spring MVC – Application Context vs Web Application Context


There is lot confusion on Spring context loading techniques. The confusion due to the different context configuration files, the question comes to developers mind is that why would we need two different context configurations files and when these files are loaded by the spring container?. This post summarizes some of the important facts about both […]

OCAJP 8 – Java 8 Date Time API


One of the new and noteworthy introduction in the Java 8 version is update of the Date Time API. Since the initial version of the Java packages, there is no standard API for calculating the date and time data. In the previous versions, there are two packages java.util and java.sql defines the date and time […]

OCAJP 8 – Lambda Expression / Predicate


This tutorial is a preparation material for OCAJP certification exam. This covers the objective 9.5 in the OCAJP 8 exam topics (Write a simple Lambda expression that consumes a Lambda Predicate expression). The mock exams that would appear on the real exams could be simpler than the sample mock exams in this tutorial. Java is […]

OCAJP (Oracle Certified Associate Java Programmer)


What is OCAJP Exam? Oracle′s Java SE Programmer I (OCAJP) Exam to achieve Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE Programmer Certification. This is the entry level of Java Certification. For every new version of Java, this exam will be updated with the new changes in the Java technology. The latest version of this certification is Java SE […]

Spring Batch Example


Introduction Spring batch is a batch processing framework developed and maintained by the Spring framework team. It is one of the leading and popular batch processing framework in the market. Spring batch uses the chunk oriented processing for performing the batch processing which is more efficient for handling the large volume of data. Spring batch […]

JQueryUI Selectable Widget Example


jQueryUI provides selectable widget which allows selecting elements individually or in group elements by using the mouse. It also possible to select elements with the mouse hovering on the elements by dragging a box. Elements can be selected by clicking on the element or by dragging the element and also allows selecting of multiple elements […]

JQuery UI Draggable Example


The drag is a common feature which is an event, enables dragging by allowing DOM elements to be moved using the mouse. It is something like, when we grab an object and drag it to a different location. It is an intuitive way for user to interact with website or application. Once the element is […]

JQuery ajaxStart Example


The ajaxStart() method triggers when an Ajax request begins and there is no other requests are in active process. This method is used to show the graphics, when the data is loading from the server. When AJAX request begins, then the AjaxStart() method add to the function. Create Buttons using jQueryUI How to detect jQuery […]

Java 8 – Functional Interfaces


What are Functional Interfaces? Functional interfaces are those interfaces that has single abstract method. According to Java 8 Specification, interface can be known as functional interface if there is a single method that is compliant with the below rules: If an interface has single abstract method, then it is known as the functional interface. A functional interface can have any […]