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Gradle Tutorial

There are many automate build tools used these days for building, testing, publishing deployment and packaging software. Apache ant, Maven and Gradle are …


Bootstrap Modals

Bootstrap Modals are basically dialog box which are created using custom jQuery plugin. Modals are streamlined, dialog prompts which will have content …


Bootstrap Dropdown Plugin

The Bootstrap drop down menu is sometimes referred to as pull down menu or drop down list which appears when clicking on …


Bootstrap Plugins

Bootstrap provides bundle of plugins which specifies more functionality and adds more interaction to website by using Bootstrap’s individual *.js files or …


Bootstrap Panels

In general, panel is representation of information which is sent to user’s display screen in given circumstances. Sometimes we need to put …


Bootstrap Wells

A well is a container which causes simple effect on an element to give an inset effect on the page. To create …


Java Currency Class Example

The currency class presents a currency method. The currency codes ISO 4217(International Organisation for standardization) is been identified for currency. This class …


Java Date Class Example

The class Date is nothing but the representation of the specific instant in Time. It is given in the millisecond precision. For …


Java Arrays Example

An Array is a data structure which represents a group of elements of same data type. It can store a group of …


Java Stack Class Example

Stack is the subclass of Vector which is dynamic in nature and its size goes on increasing as the elements are added …

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