Bootstrap Page Heading


A page header is text that is separated from the main body of text and appears at the top of a page. The page header is more useful on a web page when we have several titles and need to add distinction between them. We can use h1’s default small element and other components to […]

Bootstrap Jumbotron


A Jumbotron is a light weight component which increases size of the headings, width of the viewport to display the key content or information on website or to display highlights of the web page. We can create Jumbotron by using .jumbotron class within the div container. also read: Bootstrap Setup Bootstrap Typography We can create […]

Bootstrap Badges


Badges are small and simple components which are used for displaying important notification to the user such as number of received messages, unread messages, number of friend requests, number of emails found in the inbox of email address etc. Badges are the little numbered icons which appear on the mail and SMS apps when we […]

Bootstrap Labels


label represents a caption for an item in a user interface. It is used to add label to a form control like important notes, warning messages etc. We can also create catching labels and annotate text with inline labels. If we want to specify some important note related to its particular concept, then we can […]

Bootstrap Pagination


Pagination is the process of dividing the content into separate pages and provides pagination links with the multi-page pagination component. Pagination is often used in every web application which is used for displaying limited number of results on results pages. This tutorial explains following topics which are used with bootstrap pagination: Default Pagination Disabled and […]

Bootstrap Breadcrumbs


A breadcrumb is navigation feature which reveals the users navigation path in a website or web application. Breadcrumbs typically appear horizontally near the top of a webpage. We use breadcrumb navigation for large web sites that have hierarchically arranged pages. A web site breaks the site into links of categories and sub categories which allows major categories […]

Grails MVC Tutorial

Gails - MVC - Project Directory

Grails is an MVC platform that’s used for developing MVC applications. Grails has supported the MVC architecture inherently. This tutorial walk you through the simple example for writing the Grails application using its MVC design pattern. It is for providing you detailed steps for making an MVC applications using the Grails and its GGTS suite that is […]

Bootstrap Navigation Controls


The general term navigation refers to the process of navigation information resources in the World Wide Web. The Bootstrap provides a way to create nav components like basic tabs navigation, pills based navigation, vertical or stacked based navigation, tab and pills based dropdown which share the same markup and styles through the .nav class.  The […]

Bootstrap Input Groups


This tutorial explains how to add text or buttons before, after or on both side of any text based input. The Bootstrap provides the class .input-group with an .input-group-addon class to prepend or append text in a .form-control. To insert before or after elements to a form-control, we just use the class input-group within the […]

Create Custom Formatter for Logger Handler


This example shows how to write a simple custom Formatter for the logging in Java. Java provides java.util.Formatter class for extending the format of the messages and that can be applied to the handlers. In our previous example, I have explained how to write the logging handlers. If you want to write the custom formatters, […]