Bootstrap Environment Setup


The Bootstrap is most popular front end framework for creating websites and web applications. Bootstrap is a powerful front end framework which makes faster and easier web development. It includes CSS and HTML for typography, icons, forms, buttons, tables, layout grids and other interface components, as well as optional JavaScript extensions. It is combination of […]

Spring Data REST + GemFire Repository + Sencha Touch Integration


Spring Data provides you several ways of consuming the REST repositories through a JavaScript frameworks. We have already provided a set of tutorials that discussed about using Spring Data REST with jQuery, AngularJS, Backbone.js and Rest.js. For this tutorial we’re going to explain you how could Sencha Touch be integrated for accessing the services. Sencha Touch, a high-performance HTML5 […]

How To Scroll a HTML Page Using JQuery Anchor Tag


This tutorial explains how to scroll HTML page to given anchor tag using jQuery. This section shows how to create a smooth page scrolling effect to scroll to the top or bottom of web page using jQuery. We will see two links in the following example. First link is called Go to Bottom at the […]

JQuery ajaxError Event Example


This tutorial explains the usage of ajaxError() method in jQuery. The ajaxError() is the jQuery Ajax event which specifies the function to be executed when Ajax requests fails to complete or completes with an error. This event is only called if an error occurred with the Ajax requests. We can never have both success and […]

PrimeFaces + Spring Data using PagingAndSortingRepository Example


In general, Spring Data JPA module implements the Spring Data Commons repository abstraction to ease repository implementations. As well as the Spring Data repository approach allows you to get rid of most of the implementation code by using a plain interface definition. You’ve leveraged repository implementation in your applications by creating an interfaces that extends the […]

JQuery slideToggle Example


This tutorial explains how to hide and show elements by using slideToggle() method in jQuery. The slideToggle() method display or hide the matched elements in the document. In this example, when we clicked Show/Hide button; it will show the collapsible content and hides the content, when we click the same button again. The slideToggle() method animates […]

How To Set Drop Down Value using JQUery


This tutorial explains how to set dropdown box value in jQuery. To display the selected drop down box value, we use following way. i.e. $(“#idName”).val();. To set particular value in the drop down box value, we use following way; $(“#idName”).val(“audi”);. The following example shows how to set drop down value, disabling and enabling of value […]

JQuery Text Selector Example


This tutorial explains usage of text selector in jQuery. The text selector selects only the text elements in the form. It selects all the <input type=”text”> elements in the document. The text selector is similar to $(‘[type=text]’) which returns text content of all matched elements. It is recommended that, it should start with colon (:) […]

Spring Data REST + GemFire + Rest.js Integration


In our previous tutorials I have explained about Spring Data REST + GemFire + jQuery Integration and backbone.js integration. REST (Representational State Transfer) is one of the most effective ways Spring Data REST provides for consuming services. Client can be client side frameworks like AngularJS, jQuery, Backbone and Rest libraries. In this tutorial, you’re going to see […]

JQuery Image Selector Example


This tutorial explains usage of the image selector in JQuery. The image selector selects all the input elements of type image in the document. The images selector represents an image of the document. In this tutorial, we are using image selector with input element and src attribute defines URL of the image to display on […]