Introduction to Backbone.js


The Backbone.js is a JavaScript library using which you can make various web applications. In this article I’ll give an introduction to it and explain to develop an application using Backbone.js. When developing a web application you will inevitably work with the javascript language to handle DOM manipulation or some other needs. There are many JavaScript […]

Bean Definition Inheritance in Spring


In my previous post I have explained how to inherit collection values from the parent bean. Spring offers out of the box support on inheritance for the bean definitions in the XML configuration file. You can define any number of beans and extend them by using the parent  attribute in the bean element. Child bean can […]

How to Merge Collections in Spring?


In my previous post I have explained about how to use collections in Spring. This tutorial explains how to merge collections or inherit the values from the parent bean. In some scenarios we need to define a bean as abstract using the abstract=true in the bean definition. It means that another bean definition will be […]

Spring Collections Example


This tutorial explains how to use the collections API with Spring configurations. Spring provides out of the box support for all the collections classes like List, Set, Map and Properties for injecting the objects. There is a corresponding elements in the spring configuration file to pass the values to the Java objects. This tutorial passes […]

Circular Dependency in Spring


This tutorial explains one of the basic mistake done by the spring developers while defining the spring beans. Spring will not allow Circular Dependency and will throw an exception (BeanCurrentlyInCreationException) at the time of loading the configuration files. Also it is not good practice to design your project to have the circular dependency. What is […]

Configure Quartz Scheduler Jobs using XML File


In this tutorial I would explain how to configure quartz scheduler using properties file and xml file. Properties file will be used for configuring the JobStore details and XML configuration path. XML will store the list of Job details and cron triggers. In my previous post I have explained how to setup quartz scheduler pro-grammatically. […]

How to Write Quartz JobListener?


In my previous posts I have explained about writing simple quartz scheduler and how to list jobs. This tutorial explains how to write a listener for the scheduler. In certain scenarios, we have to execute few lines of code or log messages before and after the batch process. The listeners are very useful for achieving […]

How to Get List of Jobs in Quartz Scheduler?


In my previous article I have explained about how to write a simple quartz scheduler. In some cases, you would like to get the list of Jobs running on the scheduler. It is obvious that there will be multiple batch process configured in a large applications. If you could get the list of jobs and […]

Quartz Scheduler Tutorial


Schedulers are important for running the batch process in your application. There are plenty of Java scheduler frameworks available in the market. Among them, Quartz Scheduler is the most popular and most widely used by Java projects. This tutorial provides very simple example to write Quartz scheduler. When you complete reading this tutorial, you will […]

How to Check Hidden File in Java?


If you want to check if a file is hidden or not. Then use the below code snippet. The method isHidden() in the File class is used for checking if the file is hidden or not. This is simple utility which is useful when you are working with the File operations.