PrimeFaces 5.0 Released

In December, PrimeFaces team has announced that they are working on the next major release PrimeFaces 5.0 with lot of new components. This will be expected to be released after March. The list of new features that will be introduced in PrimeFaces 5 is:


PrimeFaces Mobile

With the new release, PrimeFaces Mobile project will be merged to the core framework itself. The reason being compatibility issues when using the two different libraries.

PrimeFaces Push

PrimeFaces Push is greatly enhanced in the new release. PrimeFaces 5.0 will ship with a new component model supported by annotation, and CDI compatible (or Spring or Guice!). PrimeFaces 5.0 will require Atmosphere 2.1.x in order to be able to supports new annotations and replace the default Atmosphere’s ObjectFactory.

New Components in PrimeFaces 5

  • DataScroller
  • Cache
  • Spotlight

There are many other new features will be added to the each components. We will keep update this post when new release is ready for the use.

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