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OpenJPA 1.0.2 released!

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OpenJPA 1.0.2 Release Notes


  • [OPENJPA-135] - join fetch not returning duplicate references which not conforming to ejb3.0 spec
  • [OPENJPA-211] - CLONE -java.lang.VerifyError on websphere 6.1 with Spring 2.0.3 and OpenJpa 0.96/0.97
  • [OPENJPA-251] - org.apache.openjpa.enhance.Reflection.getDeclaredMethod() has undefined behavior, leading to VM-dependent crashes
  • [OPENJPA-258] - MetaDataInheritanceComparator is not transitive; C > B > A > C leads to out-of-memory crash in PCEnhancer
  • [OPENJPA-322] - Timezone on the Calendar object lost in proxying
  • [OPENJPA-329] - Generic interface may cause the openjpa Reflection code to pickup the wrong getter method
  • [OPENJPA-331] - Allow BigInteger and other Basic types as Primary Keys
  • [OPENJPA-366] - InternalException thrown in BrokerImpl.endOperation
  • [OPENJPA-367] - PCEnhancer does not find meta data for entities using pure XML annotation
  • [OPENJPA-370] - LoadFetchGroup annotation was not recognized during the fetch1
  • [OPENJPA-401] - UnsatisfiedLinkError in MappingToolTask when using DB2 JDBC driver
  • [OPENJPA-419] - Merging graphs that include managed instances fails
  • [OPENJPA-420] - JPQL constructor query close the <SELECT DISTINCT> feature?
  • [OPENJPA-437] - EntityManagerFactory is not thread-safe
  • [OPENJPA-446] - Problem when setting String fields of detached objects
  • [OPENJPA-447] - Query pagination broken for non-DB2 databases
  • [OPENJPA-452] - Error in the XML equivalent in the "secondary table field mapping" example
  • [OPENJPA-471] - iSeries DB2 problem with using @GeneratedValue(strategy=GenerationType.IDENTITY)
  • [OPENJPA-472] - iSeries DB2 problem with using @GeneratedValue(strategy=GenerationType.SEQUENCE ...)
  • [OPENJPA-476] - Query.setFirstResult and Query.setMaxResults don't take effect
  • [OPENJPA-506] - PreRemove method callback is never called; PreUpdate is always called
  • [OPENJPA-508] - JPQL EXISTS clauses do not handle subclasses properly
  • [OPENJPA-511] - Unable to execute native queries which start with the WITH keyword.

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