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How do I use prefixes to refer to element type and attribute names in an XML namespace?

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Make sure you have declared the prefix and that it is still in scope . All you need to do then is prefix the local name of an element type or attribute with the prefix and a colon. The result is a qualified name, which the application parses to determine what XML namespace the local name belongs to.
For example, suppose you have associated the serv prefix with the namespace and that the declaration is still in scope. In the following, serv:Address refers to the Address name in the namespace. (Note that the prefix is used on both the start and end tags.)
<!-- serv refers to the namespace. -->
Now suppose you have associated the xslt prefix with the namespace. In the following, xslt:version refers to the version name in the namespace:
<!-- xslt refers to the namespace. -->
<html xslt:version="1.0">

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