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Java Collection Framework

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Benefits Constraints
  • Data access is fast.
  • Good for ordered data, which is not changed or searched frequently.
  • Inefficient if number of elements grow.
  • Inefficient if an element to be inserted in middle of collection.
  • Provides no special search mechanism.

Linked List
Benefits Constraints
  • Allows efficient inserts/delete at any location
  • Allows arbitrary growth of collection.
  • Applying order to the elements is easy.
  • Slower while accessing elements by index.
  • No special search mechanism is provided.

Benefits Constraints
  • Easy addition/deletion in middle.
  • Allows arbitrary growth.
  • A better and efficient search mechanism.
  • Ordering is peculiar and some comparison mechanism is required.
  • Searching is not efficient for unevenly distributed data.

Benefits Constraints
  • Efficient searching.
  • Good access mechanism.
  • Allows arbitrary growth of collection.
  • Not good for small data set because of overheads.
  • Overhead for storing keys for the values in collection.
  • Overhead of hashing scheme.

Topic :
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