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Why do I get a connection refused exception

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  1. your database server is accepting TCP connections.
  2. Check that your database server is running on the server address you think it is
  3. Check for firewalls. Is there a port or ports being blocked between your application and the database?
  4. Check that you are not having a security problem. Is your application an Applet? If you are connecting to a database that is not on the same physical box as your web server then you need to sign your applet.
  5. Check that you are using the right username and password
  6. Check that the database user has the correct permissions and is able to log in from the location you are attempting to log in from.
  7. Check that you are using the correct driver for your database. There often different versions of the same driver for the same database but different versions of the database since the underlying proctocol had some changes between versions.

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