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When we start a thread by applying start() method on it ,how does it knows that to execute run()method?

About Wrapper class in Java

How to configure weblogic 7.0 in MyEclipse?

Static Block and Static Initializer in Java

Describe the lifecycle of a receiver application in order to receive a message?

Messages are not successful until they have been acknowledged. What are the types of acknowledgments?

What happens to messages if a transaction is rolled back?

What is the Role of the JMS Provider?

What is JMS administered object ?

What is JMS session?

What is JMS provider?

What is JMS client?

What is message producer?

What is message-driven bean?

What is one-way messaging?

What is naming context?

How does JNDI relate to OMG's CORBA standards for naming?

What protocols does JNDI provide an interface to?

Who will provide implementations of JNDI?

Does Sun have a LDIF parser?

What's the format of an LDAP URL?

Is there a connection pooling mechanism in JNDI?

How do I set up access control for a number of applications using the same LDAP server?

When I try to modify an attribute, why do I get a SchemaViolationException?

What's the relationship between LDAP and JNDI?

What do I need to download to start using JNDI?

Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI)

What are the call back methods in Session bean?

Can Entity Beans have no create() methods?

What is the difference between JTS and JTA?

What is J2EE Connector architecture?

What do you understand by JTA and JTS?

What is Deployment Descriptor?

Why J2EE is suitable for the development distributed multi-tiered enterprise applications?

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