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Does Hibernate implement its functionality using a minimal number of database queries?

Why not implement instance-pooling in Hibernate?

Hibernate uses so much runtime reflection?

How does Hibernate perform?

How do I use Hibernate in an EJB 2.1 session bean?

Whats the easiest way to configure Hibernate in a plain Java application (without using JNDI)?

Query Criteria Equal

Query Criteria: Not Equal

Query Criteria Id: data type Long

Criteria: Condition Double Value Compare

Query Criteria Greater To Equal for Date data type

Hibernate Criteria: Many To One Associations Criteria

Hibernate Criteria: One To Many Associations Criteria

Hibernate Criteria: Aggregates Criteria Min Max Average

Generate Hibernate Config File: Set Dialect In Ant

Generate Hibernate Config File: Set Your Own Driver Class

Generate Mapping File And Hibernate Config File Automatically

Spring Hibernate Template Execute

Hibernate Spring Hibernate Template

Hibernate Types

Hibernate criterion query: Between (using with Date)

Hibernate Avg() Function (Aggregate Functions)

Hibernate Criteria Query Example

Hibernate 3.0

I get error amp;@ when I deploy my EJBs. What's wrong in Middlegen configuration?

Middlegen 2.1 Released!

Feature set of the Hibernate Plugin for Middlegen

What about Hibernates ddl2hbm tool?

How to use Middlegen?

What is Middlegen?

Hibernate FAQs

Hibernate Query Language(HQL)

Hibernate Datasource Configuration Properties

Hibernate JDBC and Connection Properties

List of Hibernate SQL Dialects

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