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How can I use JSF inside a Servlet?

Can we use a different configuration resource file in place of traditional "faces-config.xml" file in our application?

How can I use several configuration resource files in one single application?

What is the significance of properties file (Resource Bundle) and how to use this in our JSF page?

How we can change the appearance of error messages in a JSF Page?

How can we replace the JSF Standard Error Message?

How to avoid that all the messages are shown on the same line?

How to get the error messages displayed?

Explain the usage of immediate attribute in an application.

What is the use of immediate attribute?

What are the ways to register the custom converters in faces context?

When to create and use custom convertors?

What are the ways of using standard converters of JSF?

Which standard converters have their own tags?

Which type of converters can we use in our application?

When automatic conversion is supplied by JSF Implementation?

What is conversion and validation? and how are they related?

What is Render Kit in JSF?

What is the role of Renderer in JSF? and justify the statement "JSF supports multiple client devices".

What is JSF life cycle and its phases?

What is the difference between JSP and JSF?

What are tags in JSF ?

What does component mean and what are its types?

How JSF Fits For Web Applications?

What are JSF releases?

Who are the users of JSF technology?

Which plays role of controller in JSF?

What is the significance of MVC model in JSF?

What is JSF (Java Server Faces)?







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