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Is there a way to use the current date in the POM?

pom.xml or settings.xml? What is the best practice configuration usage for these files?

How do I indicate array types in a MOJO configuration?

How should I point a path for maven 2 to use a certain version of JDK when I have different versions of JDK installed on my PC and my JAVA_HOME already set?

How do I setup the classpath of my antrun plugin to use the classpath from maven?

Is it possible to use HashMap as configurable parameter in a plugin? How do I configure that in pom.xml?

How do I filter which classes should be put inside the packaged jar?

How can I change the default location of the generated jar when I command "mvn package"?

How does maven 2 implement reproducibility?

Why there are no dependency properties in Maven 2?

What does aggregator mean in mojo?

Where is the plugin-registry.xml?

How do I create a command line parameter (i.e., -Dname=value ) in my mojo?

How do I convert my <reports> from Maven 1 to Maven 2?

What does the "You cannot have two plugin executions with the same (or missing) elements" message mean?

How do I add my generated sources to the compile path of Maven, when using modello?

What is Maven's order of inheritance?

How do I execute the assembly plugin with different configurations?

How do I configure the equivalent of maven.war.src of war plugin in Maven 2.0?

How do I add main class in a generated jar's manifest?

What does the FATAL ERROR with the message "Class org.apache.commons.logging.impl.Jdk14Logger does not implement Log" when using the maven-checkstyle-plugin mean?

How do I determine the stale resources in a Mojo to avoid reprocessing them?

Is there a property file for plug-in configuration in Maven 2.0?

How do I determine which POM contains missing transitive dependency?

How do I integrate static (x)html into my Maven site?

How do I run an ant task twice, against two different phases?

Can a profile inherit the configuration of a "sibling" profile?

How do I invoke the "maven dist" function from Maven 1.0, in Maven 2.0?

How do I specify which output folders the Eclipse plugin puts into the .classpath file?

What is a Mojo?

How to produce execution debug output or error messages?

Maven compiles my test classes but doesn't run them?

How do I include tools.jar in my dependencies?

I have a jar that I want to put into my local repository. How can I copy it in?

How do I set up Maven so it will compile with a target and source JVM of my choice?

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