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Insert string text between column names

NULL values on arithmetic operations

Oracle converts the null into a blank text string

Add days on a date

Using the WHERE, GROUP BY, and HAVING Clauses Together

Use an analytical function in a WHERE clause

WHERE clause with a GROUP BY clause

Using a NOT operator with like

Use two '%' in Like statement

Like with '_' and '%'

Like with '__' (Any two characters)

A function using the LIKE operator to return a phone number's area code

Subqueries in a HAVING Clause: Uses a subquery in the HAVING clause of the outer query

Sub query inside having clause

Using HAVING with an Analytical Function

Using the SUM function in HAVING Clause

Any conditions based on the outcome of a group function must be in the HAVING clause

Using the HAVING Clause

Example using the MAX function with having clause

Using a Column Multiple Times in a GROUP BY Clause

GROUP BY and HAVING clauses

You don't have to include the columns used in the GROUP BY clause in your SELECT clause

Using the ORDER BY Clause to Sort Groups

Column sequence in the group by impacts the ordering

Grouping at Multiple Levels: group by more than one column

GROUP BY may be used on a column without the column name appearing in the result set

Use group by and avg

Must include a nonaggregate column in the SELECT list in the GROUP BY clause

Using the GROUP BY Clause

Combine Case with group by

Combine case with NVL function

You could use the case statement in an SQL statement

Do calculation in select query

Using the BETWEEN Operator for integer

Between for Date data type

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