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SCJP: Java Operators

SCJP: Classpath and Jar

SCJP: Language Fundamentals

SCJP: Garbage Collection

SCJP: Flow controls and exception

Code Conventions for the Java Programming Language

SCJP: Class Declarations

SCJP: Random Stuffs

SCJP: Interfaces

SCJP: Basic Java I/O

SCJP - Collections Frameworks

SCJP Tips - Part3

SCJP Tips - Part2

Regular Expressions Tips

SCJP Tips - Part 1

Can anybody tell me abt classcastexception with example if possible?

what cases its becomes necessary to define varaibles static ??

Doubt in Constructing Multidimensional Arrays

cyclic references and garbage collection

Can any one tell me the differences regarding the object.equals( object2) and regarding object1.hashcode( )==object2. hashcode( );

Stack and Heap storage in Java

Explain the Inheritance in final variables with example.

Difference between String s="string"; and String s=new String("string");

Hashcode must return the same value during the same run of the program

If super class throws the checked excpetion, base class should also throw the exception

SCJP 5.0 Notes

Information regarding SUN Voucher for Certifications

How to use BitWise shift operator in Java?

About byte and int types in Java

How to handle Throwing exception in Super class Constructor?

Can we override static methods? What is method hiding?

Default maximum capacity for StringBuffer in Java?

Difference between SCJP 6.0 and SCJP 5.0 objectives?

Question on Overridding

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