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What do you understand by JSP Actions?

How you will handle exceptions in Struts?

What are difference between ActionErrors and ActionMessage?

What are the core classes of the Struts Framework?

What are Tag Libraries provided with Struts?

What are the components of Struts?

What is LookupDispatchAction?

What are the difference between <bean:message> and <bean:write>?

What is Struts Flow?

What are the disadvantages of Struts?

What is Struts actions and action mappings?

Can I setup Apache Struts to use multiple configuration files?

What do you understand by DispatchAction?

What are the various Struts tag libraries?

What is the difference between perform() and execute() methods?

What are the uses of tiles-def.xml file, file, validation.xml file?

Can we serialize static variable?

Is struts threadsafe? Give an example?

What is RequestProcessor and RequestDispatcher?

Write code of any Action Class?

Struts 1.x Vs Struts 2.0

Struts 2.0 Features

Struts 2 Architecture

Why Struts 2.0?

Can an action tag run another method apart from the default execute method

Why would we want to create Action objects from the Spring configuration

How can we create our Action objects from the Spring configuration

Does the framework integrate with Hibernate

Can we use JSTL with the framework

How can we schedule Quartz jobs

How to build the portlet WAR for a specific portal server

Which portal servers are supported

Why do the form tags put table tags around controls

Why is the application logging a warning that the Compound Root cannot find a particular Object with a particular property

How do I change the invalid input error message for a particular field

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