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What three essential components of security does the XML Signatures provide?

What are the valid values for xlink:actuate and xlink:show?

What's XLink?

How do I implement an application-specific XPointer scheme?

How do integrate XPointer into my application?

How do I configure an XPointer processor?

What is server-side XPointer?

What is XPointer?

How do I install the XPointer processor?

Are universal names universally unique?

How are universal names represented?

How are qualified names mapped to names in XML namespaces?

Can qualified names be used in attribute values?

Where can qualified names appear?

What characters are allowed in a qualified name?

What is a qualified name?

What does a namespace-aware application do when it encounters an error?

Can an application be both namespace-aware and namespace-unaware?

Can an application process documents that use XML namespaces and documents that don't use XML namespaces?

How do I use XML namespaces with DOM level 2?

How do I use XML namespaces with SAX 2.0?

How do I use XML namespaces with SAX 1.0?

How do applications process documents that use XML namespaces?

How do I use XML namespaces with Internet Explorer 5.0 and/or the MSXML parser?

What software is needed to process XML namespaces?

Can I use the same document with both namespace-aware and namespace-unaware applications?

How can I check that a document conforms to the XML namespaces recommendation?

How do I create documents that use XML namespaces?

If I start using XML namespaces, do I need to change my existing DTDs?

How can I validate an XML document that uses XML namespaces?

How can I allow the prefixes in my document to be different from the prefixes in my DTD?

How can I construct an XML document that is valid and conforms to the XML namespaces recommendation?

Can I use qualified names in DTDs?

Do XML namespace declarations apply to DTDs?

Can I use XML namespaces in DTDs?

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