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How can I declare XML namespaces so that all elements and attributes are in their scope?

Can multiple XML namespace declarations be in scope at the same time?

What happens if no XML namespace declaration is in scope?

What happens when an XML namespace declaration goes out of scope?

If an element or attribute is in the scope of an XML namespace declaration, is its name in that namespace?

Does the scope of an XML namespace declaration include the element it is declared on?

What is the scope of an XML namespace declaration?

When should I use the default XML namespace instead of prefixes?

How do I use the default XML namespace to refer to element type names in an XML namespace?

How do I use prefixes to refer to element type and attribute names in an XML namespace?

How do different XML technologies treat XML namespace declarations?

Why are special attributes used to declare XML namespaces?

How do I undeclare the default XML namespace?

How do I undeclare an XML namespace prefix?

How do I override a default XML namespace declaration?

How do I override an XML namespace declaration that uses a prefix?

Do the default values of xmlns attributes declared in the DTD apply to the DTD?

Can I use an attribute default in a DTD to declare an XML namespace?

Where can I declare an XML namespace?

How do I declare an XML namespace in an XML document?

What is the difference between versions 1.0 and 1.1 of the XML namespaces recommendation?

What is the relationship between XML namespaces and the XML 1.0 recommendation?

Do I need to use XML namespaces?

Who can create an XML namespace?

Do XML namespaces apply to entity names, notation names, or processing instruction targets?

Are the names of all element types and attributes in some XML namespace?

What is an XML namespace?

How does an application know which Address element type it is processing?

What should I mention?

How can I include a conditional statement in my XML?

Can I (and my authors) still use client-side inclusions?

Can I still use server-side inclusions?

why does it have such difficult terminology?

Do I have to change any of my server software to work with XML?

What are the special characters in XML ?

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