Redis Key/Value Database Installation And Configuration Windows 7

Redis is an extremely high-performance, lightweight data store. It provides key/value data access to persistent byte arrays, lists, sets, and hash data structures. It supports atomic counters and also has an efficient topic-based pub/sub messaging functionality. Redis servers can also be clustered together to provide for very flexible deployment. It’s easy to interact with Redis from the command line using the redis-cli binary that comes with the installation.

Redis is one of the most effective non relational databases that used widely. At this tutorial, we will install the Redis database under Windows 64-bit environment. Visit the Redis site for downloading the proper distribution of Redis for your own operating system.

Redis Installation

To install the Redis Key/Value database for windows 64-bit database, you have to download the Radis binary from the follow link.

  • Download the Redis from the above link.
  • Double click on the downloaded binary.

Redis Installation

  • Click the next button and accept the agreement.

Redis Installation

  • Click next button and select the preferred location. For this installation, we’ve used D:\Redis\Redis location.

Redis Installation

  • Click next until you’ve reached into “Install” button.

Redis Installation

  • Click Install. Wait a while for Redis being installed.

Redis Installation

  • Click Finish. Now the Redis database server is successfully installed.

Running Redis Server

One step remaining to get the Redis server running and ready for serving the user instructions. Open the command line and navigate into your installation directory, that’s located under D:\Redis\Redis. By executing the redis-server.exe you should see the Redis server started and ready for receiving any further connections.

Redis Started & Running

Executing Query Using Redis Shell

To allow you executing a Redis query against Redis Key/Value database, you have to follow the below steps:

  • Navigate into your installation directory, that’s under the D:\Redis\Redis folder through using of command line.
  • Execute redis-cli.exe that enabling the user communicating directly with the Redis database.
  • The execution of the previous command should open the Redis database for your instructions.
  • Once you’ve seen the prompt cursor, you are ready for getting query executed upon Redis.
  • To set a value associated with a key just type Set KEY VALUE.
  • To retrieve a value associated with a key just type get KEY.

Redis Query

  • The key server:name has been used for storing the value of JavaBeat string by using the SET operation.
  • The GET operation has been used for getting the value that associated with the key server:name.


Redis is one of the databases that categorized under Non relational or NoSql databases that don’t follow the SQL database procedure. Redis is a Key/Value database where the key has been used for storing a value and it also be used for retrieving the value later on. If you have any questions, please write it in the comments section.

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