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Spring 3 released on 2009. After a long time, a major release Spring 4 is from Spring community. In this time, there is lot of changes in the spring community. Spring is not just seen as the framework, it is moving beyond that level and seen as a enterprise solution provider. Spring is largest Java community in the world. After the acquisition by VMWare, Vmware and EMC has joined and started a initiative called Pivotal.  Spring is integrated with the Pivotal team and providing all the Java solutions needed for the Pivotal customers. By looking at the new projects and road map of Spring, it is exciting to see them in the future.

The purpose of this tutorial is to organize all the posts published on Spring 4 and the recent releases after the main release of Spring 4. It is a one stop location where you can find everything about the spring 4. This page will be updated with the latest new and announcement about the Spring 4 framework.

Spring 4 Tutorials and Examples

Spring Modules

Spring framework consists of more than 20 modules grouped together. These are largely categorized as Core Container, Data Access/Integration, Web, AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming), Instrumentation, and Test. These are very well depicted in the below diagram.

Spring Architecture

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Spring 4 Releases

Latest : Spring 4.0.2 is releases. Spring 4.0.3 is in the snapshot and will be released soon. These are maintenance release.

  • New Features in Spring 4.0 (Preview) : Early announcement for the new version on spring framework. It highlights the expected new features to be introduced.
  • Spring 4.1 Release Announced : New features added are omprehensive web resource handling, Caching support revisited, JMS support overhaul and Performance improvements.

Spring 4 Features

  • Spring 4.0 Environment Setup : This tutorials explains the list of dependencies and configurations required for running the Spring 4 applications.
  • Conditional Annotation in Spring 4 : Conditional Annotation Indicates that a component is only eligible for registration when all specified conditions match. The primary objective is to create the bean only after the set of conditions are met.
  • RestController in Spring 4 : One of the API improvements is new @RestController annotation which is inherited from the @Controller annotation. Prior to the version 4.0, all the Spring MVC components has to use the common @Controller annotation to mark that as the controller servlet.
  • Spring 4 – Generics Type as Qualifier : One of the improvements introduces in Spring 4 is the generic types as a form of qualifier when injecting Beans. We have several types of methods to determine the closely matching types for the @Autowired annotation. With the Spring 4 release, you can inject the beans using the narrowing of generic types.

Spring MVC

  • Spring 4 REST Example : This tutorial provides a simple example for writing the Spring MVC REST services using the Spring 4 APIs. We have written several articles about the spring 4 features in our previous articles. The REST implementation on Spriing 4 also very much similiar to the previous releases. Here I have provided the sample source code what I have used to implement the REST services.

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