Spring Batch 3.0.0.RC1 Released

Spring Batch is batch processing framework maintained under the spring community. Advantage of using the spring batch is that it has all the advantages of using the spring applications features when integrated inside the spring framework. It is not a scheduler like Quartz, but it makes use of a scheduler and takes care of the other common tasks involved on running the batch processing like logging, tracing, notifications, etc. for the entire applications.

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Today, Spring IO has announced the Release Candidate 1 for the Spring Batch 3.0. Notable change in this release JSR-352 which is the standard specification created for the batch application. Other features included in this release are:

  • JSR-352 support
  • Promotion of Spring Batch Integration into Spring Batch
  • Complete overhaul of dependencies
  • Support for SQLite
  • Job scope
  • Switch from Maven to Gradle for building Spring Batch

We will cover each features in detail in the future articles.


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