Spring Framework 4.1 Announced

Within one month after the major release of Spring 4, this week Spring IO team has announced their plan for their next release on Spring Framework 4.1. This new version would be available to the public by August 2014. It is expected that Release Candidate1 (RC1) will be made available from Jun 2014.As their blog mentions, there are few key themes to be covered as part of this release. The list of notable features that will be added to this release are:

  • Comprehensive web resource handling – resource pipelining, cache control refinements
  • Caching support revisited – aligned with JCache 1.0 final, user-requested enhancements
  • JMS support overhaul – aligned with our messaging module, annotation-driven endpoints
  • Performance improvements – application startup, SpEL expression evaluation

Also the above lists are not the fine one. There are many other features lined up for this release and they would consider any proposal to add new features. I will keep update the details here when ever there is more information from the Spring IO team. You can read the Spring 4 Tutorials.

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