Spring Social 1.1.0 RC1 Released

Spring project have Spring Social which is built for integrating your applications to the social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google +, etc. It is a new project under spring coomunity. This week spring social announed its Spring Social 1.1.0.RC1 which is prior to the GA release. It is expected that GA will be available very soon. Early adopters can try this out and report the bugs to the spring social team. With Spring Social, your application can play the part of the service consumer, interacting with a service provider on behalf of its users.

  • A generic connection factory for quick configuration of an API for which there is no formal connection factory support. Provides a RestOperations as the API binding.
  • Optimized use of RestTemplate in API bindings when using Spring 3.2+.
  • New Thymeleaf 3 and 4 dialects to match Spring Social’s JSP tag library.
  • A pluggable session-abstraction.
  • A new streamlined and more flexible Java configuration option.
  • Support for Facebook’s built-in OpenGraph actions in the API binding.
  • Capture otherwise unbound data from provider API in a Map in both the Facebook and Twitter API bindings.
  • Add a new TwitterTemplate constructor that only requires client credentials. It uses those to obtain a client access token.
  • SecurityConfigurerAdapter for enabling provider-based authentication with Spring Security’s Java configuration.

You can read more about spring social here.

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