Spring Tool Suite 3.5.0 Released

Last week Spring IO team has announce the next major release of their IDE Spring Tool Suite 3.5.0. If you are not familiar with their IDE, it is built on top of the Eclipse IDE to support the spring applications with easy to use features. It would support all the spring features out of the box and would be ideal for using with the spring powered projects. Along with this release, they also released the Grails Tool Suite 3.5.0.

List of Features Included in Spring Tool Suite 3.5.0

  1. ready-to-use full Java8 support (STS as well as GGTS)
  2. updated to Eclipse Kepler SR2 (4.3.2)
  3. new advanced content-assist for Spring Boot projects
  4. Usability enhancements to live Beans Graph for Spring Boot
  5. Cloud Foundry integration now supports Spring Boot
  6. Major improvements in the Gradle Integration for Eclipse (including major performance improvements)
  7. initial support for Spring Boot CLI apps
  8. Grails updated to 2.3.7
  9. tc Server updated to 2.9.5.SR1
  10. Dashboard improvements (including feeds, shortcuts, and notifications)

The next version 3.6.0 will be released after the release of Eclipse Luna (4.4).

You can download the tools from here.

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