Struts BEAN Include Tag ( < bean:include >)

Struts BEAN Tag Library

Struts BEAN tag library provides tags which are usefull in accessing beans and their properties as well as defining new beans (based on these accesses) that are accessible to the remainder of the page via scripting variables and page scope attributes. Convenient mechanisms to create new beans based on the value of request cookies, headers, and parameters are also provided.

Syntax to use Struts BEAN tag library

	<%@ taglib prefix="bean" uri="" %>


– It is used to load the response data from the dynamic application request and make it as available as a bean of type string.It performs internal dispatch to specified application component.this tag works similar to tag except the response date is stored in page context instead of writing into output stream.

Example Code for bean:include

In this example we do not need the ActionForm bean.
In this example we do not need the Action class.
No need to configure struts-config.xml file

1.Create a simple jsp page BeanIncludeTag.jsp which illustrates the bean:include tag by id and page attributes which specifies the jsp page that to be included.

<%@page contentType="text/html" pageEncoding="UTF-8"%>
<%@taglib prefix="html" uri="" %>
<%@taglib prefix="bean" uri="" %>

< html>
    < head>

        < title> Bean Include Tag </title>
    < head>
    < body bgcolor="#DDDDDD">
        < h1 > bean:include tag example  </h1>

		   < bean:include id="SampleJsp" page="/Sample.jsp"/>

            < h3> Displaying the Included Page Content</h3>
			< bean:write name="SampleJsp" /> < br>


2.Create any Sample jsp page which will be displayed here we used Sample.jsp page to be included.

3.Building and running the application

Access page:http://localhost:8084/beaninclude/BeanIncludeTag.jsp

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