JSF 2 InputText with AJAX Example


Asynchronous JavaScript XML (Ajax) is considered for a long time as a luxury, either users or developers, but today Ajax is essential for building compelling and competitive applications. JSF 2.0 has built-in Ajax support, with a standard JavaScript library. JSF Ajax requests partially process components on the server, and partially render components on the client […]

Using JSON forms with AJAX in Lift Framework


This article is based on Lift in Action, to be published on July 2011. It is being reproduced here by permission from Manning Publications. Manning publishes MEAP (Manning Early Access Program,) ebooks and pbooks. MEAPs are sold exclusively through Manning.com. All print book purchases include an ebook free of charge. When mobile formats become available […]

Asynchronous File Upload using Ajax, jQuery Progress Bar and Java


Introduction In this tutorial you will learn about Asynchronous File Upload using Ajax, jQuery Progress Bar and Java The image below shows a screenshot of the file upload that we are going to learn in this tutorial. also read: HTML Tutorials CSS Tutorials JavaScript Tutorials Let us see what all is needed to develop this […]

Introduction to Comet and Reverse AJAX


Introduction It’s an era of Web 2.0. Most of the web applications are following the web 2.0 standards. AJAX played a major role in promoting web 2.0 applications and it had a great role in enhancing the user experience of a web applications. Comet challenges the request-response model in HTTP and allows the server to […]

AJAX – Conversation with an Ajaxian


Session 1: What is Ajax? Scene: Friday evening at Malcolms cafe-a pub downtown frequented by Geeks: Me : (jostling my way through the crowd) Where can I find the Ajaxian? also read: HTML Tutorials CSS Tutorials JavaScript Tutorials Bartender (pointing to a table on the far corner) Last table on the right. Me : (interrupting […]

AJAX Support in Struts 2.0


Ajax or Asynchronous JavaScript and XML was introduced by Jesse James Garrett in 2005. He is called the “Father of Ajax” .Ajax is a collection of concepts and technologies that allows richer and more interactive user interaction with the web applications. The Ajax engine allows the user’s interaction with the application to happen asynchronously — […]