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How to create EJB project in NetBeans 7.0?

NetBeans IDE 7 CookbookWelcome to the NetBeans Cookbook. NetBeans is a Java Integrated Development Environment, IDE, which enables fast application development with the …


How to use CDI with EJB 3.0?

This article is based on EJB3 in Action, Second Edition and the book will released on October 2011. It is being reproduced …


Managing transactions in EJB 3.0

Transaction represents a group of activities that must be performed as a single work unit. This clarifies that a transaction is complete …


How to secure EJB Applications?

In this article, we will see the various aspects in securing an EJB Application. Security is vital not only for an enterprise …


EJB Interview Questions

This article presents comprehensive guide for the EJB Interview Questions. The questions presented in this article are mos frequently asked in the …

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