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What is Web Beans?

1.Introduction This article introduces new unified framework for the Java EE environment, called Web Beans.This article is written based on the specification …


EJB 3.0 Entity Manager

Entities are classes that need to be persisted; their state is stored outside the¬†application, typically in a relational database. Unlike session beans, …


EJB 3.0 and WebServices

This article discusses how an enterprise bean can act as a Web-Service component. Since Web-Services itself is a vast technology, the first …


Entity Beans in EJB(BMP)

ENTITY BEAN WITHBEAN-MANAGED PERSISTENCE Thus far, we acquainted ourselves with Sessionbeans ( both stateless & stateful) and also CMP Entity bean. also …


Entity Beans in EJB(CMP)

Entity beans are characterized by the following 3 features. They are 'Persistent'. ( they are stored inhard-disk) They are shared by many …


Hibernate Vs EJB 3.0

Originally published in DeveloperIQ magazine What is CMP and BMP in EJB? So, why is it that Entity beans alone were found …


How to use EJB with Spring framework?

1) Introduction Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) can be used extensively in Spring’s environment. In this article, we will know about the transparent …

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