JPA Vs Hibernate


I have come across this question from many of our readers and who ever working on the hibernate framework : What is the difference between Java Persistence API (JPA) and Hibernate ORM Framework. This post simply answer to those who are confusing with JPA and Hibernate difference. JPA and Hibernate Difference JPA is a specification for […]

JPA 2 Criteria API


One of the important feature in JPA 2.0 is using the Criteria API for forming the SQL queries. If you would have worked with the JPA 1.0 version, you must be familiar with the Java Persistence Query Language (JQL) which is similar to writing the SQL queries. This approach is good for the developers who are […]

How To Create EntityManagerFactory in JPA


This tutorial explains how to create EntityManagerFactory in your JPA application when you are writing your first JPA programming. It is the standard way of creating the factory if you use the JPA specification. Normally there are two ways to create the factory, one is through the configuration file persistence.xml and another one is through the […]

JPA EntityManagerFactory Vs Hibernate’s SessionFactory


If you are using the JPA’s standard specification implementation (Read : Introduction to JPA), then you would use EntityManagerFactory for opening the session. But, if you are using the hibernate implementation, you have hibernate specific SessionFactory for managing the sessions. Here there is lot of confusion between developers like which one is the best approach. […]

JPA 2 MetaModel Generator using Ant


In my previous article I have explained how to generate metamodel using your Eclipse IDE. However, in most scenarios you will have to create from your build scripts. This tutorial explains how to add this option in your ant script. For the detailed explanation on project example code, please refer the previous post. Here I […]

JPA 2 MetaModel Generation using Eclipse


JPA 2.0 introduces the strongly typed Criteria API for going away with the Java Persistence Query (JQL) language. It comes with the metamodel for helping the typed objects. Every entity must have a meta model generated with underscore(_) added to its name. These objects will be referred in the Criteria API instead of using the […]

Hibernate 4 Basic Configuration + Setup Example


This tutorial explains the very basic configuration and installation of hibernate configuration for your project. It is a standalone program, but the same configuration would applicable for the web applications. Here I am using the XML configuration approach, I will write another tutorial for using the annotations. Here I assume that you have installed the […]

How To Create Session Factory in Hibernate 4


There are many APIs deprecated in the hibernate core framework. One of the frustrating point at this time is, hibernate official documentation is not providing the clear instructions on how to use the new API and it stats that the documentation is in complete. Also each incremental version gets changes on some of the important […]

Deprecated @Entity Annotation in Hibernate 4


In the earlier versions of Hibernate, we use @Entity for marking a class as persistence entity in the database. It has list of attributes to be used as the parameters. @Entity has been deprecated from the hibernate 4 and will be removed from the hibernate 5.0 release. There is a confusion in the consistency of […]

Hibernate Exception – javassist.util.proxy.MethodFilter


If you are using Hibernate 4, you would hit this exception while setting up the first hibernate application. The missing library is javassist. To resolve this problem, either manually download the JAR file or add the below maven try to your project’s POM.xml. Once you added these library, the error will be fixed. This library […]