Java ME and Web services


Introduction Java Micro Edition (Java ME) is a platform for running applications on smaller devices such as mobile phones, PDAs etc. These devices have restrictions in terms of Memory and Processing power. Java ME defines various configurations and profiles. Midlets are java applications that operate on Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) which is targeted on […]

Writing JSF applications for J2ME clients


Introduction JSF is a Web framework for developing Component oriented web applications in the User Interface layer. Amongst the various capabilities that JSF provides, one of the major strengths of JSF is that it is not tied to any specific target device. For example, currently most of the JSF applications are running in a web […]

J2ME User Interface


1) Introduction User-interface requirements for small handheld devices are different from personal computers. Because comparatively the display size of handheld devices is smaller. That’s why, we cannot follow the personal computers user-interface programming guidelines for handheld devices. In J2ME,the CLDC itself does not define any GUI functionality. The official GUI classes for the J2ME are […]

Introduction to J2ME


1) Introduction J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition) is an advanced technology in Java, developed with the help of Java Community Process Program. J2ME is a reduced version of the Java API and Java Virtual Machine that is designed to operate within the limited resources available in the embedded computers and microcomputers. also read: Writing JSF […]