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Java Basics, Page 4


HashTable in Java

HashTable class was originally added as part of java.utill package and extended the Dictionary class. From Java 2, it is re-engineered to …


HashMap in Java

HashMap uses the hash table to implement the Map interface. Map is key-value pair where key is the reference and value is …


HashSet in Java

HastSet is one of the classes available with collections package and it extends the AbstractSet and implements the Set interface. This uses …


LinkedList in Java

LinkedList is not most commonly used class for storing the values. The LinkedList class extends AbstractSequentialList and implements the List interface. It stores …


ArrayList in Java

ArrayList is most widely used collections API for storing the list of objects. This class is equivalent to Vector, except that it …


Runtime Exceptions in Java

Runtime exceptions are need not be handled by the programs. Generally RuntimeExceptions are exceptions that can be prevented programmatically.E.g NullPointerException, ArrayIndexOutOfBoundException. If …


Exception Handling in Java

Exception handling is one of the important task for every programmer. For a successful project completion, proper exception handling is important. Exception …

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