Java InvalidPropertiesFormatException Example


When we are using the collection of properties, if the input does not conform to the valid XML document type with the appropriate properties specification at that time an exception is thrown called InvalidPropertiesFormatException, to indicate operation could not be completed. This example explains about that exception. Java InvalidPropertiesFormatException Class Declaration In the above declaration, […]

javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Name is not bound in this Context Exception


When you are working with the JNDI look up, quite often you would encounter the javax.naming.NameNotFoundException thrown by your application. JNDI names are registered in the registery, if you try to access the name which is not registered or by the wrong format, you would get the javax.naming.NameNotFoundException. Lets look at the below code for […]

java.sql.SQLException: Can’t call commit when autocommit=true Exception


When you work with JDBC application, by default the auto commit is set to true, after the transaction is completed all the transactions are committed to the database. When it is set as true, you can not explicitly call the commit method. If you call the connection.commit() method, then the below exception will be thrown.

How To Resolve java.lang.IllegalAccessException


This example shows when the java.lang.IllegalAccessException is thrown in your application. When an application tries to reflectively create an instance (other than an array), set or get a field, or invoke a method, if that method is not accessible to your application (probably the modifier is private or not accessible one), then your application will […]

FileNotFoundException in Java


If you are working with the File APIs in Java, it is common that you would encounter the FileNotFoundException. This exception is thrown by the classes FileInputStream, FileOutputStream, and RandomAccessFile. These classes trying to access a file in the system for the purposes of reading or writing into that file. Java doesn’t have the facility […]

NullPointerException in Java


One of the most common and nightmare for the Java programmers are getting the NullPointerException while running the Java application. This exception is defined at the “java.lang” package and the purpose of the exception is to detect if an object is used without any content. Here you must understand the difference between Reference and Object. […]



ConcurrentModificationException is thrown when two threads are updating the same element on same time. This issue occurs often in the multithreaded environment. However, this also can occur in the single thread environment where same application running the multiple threads which updates the same object. Look at this example which throws ConcurrentModificationException while updating the value […]



One of the feature in the Java programming language is usage of arrays. The advantage of using arrays is to store the large number of values and retrieve them using the index values. Each array is treated as an object itself. Each array has the fixed number of elements and it will not be changed […]



NoSuchMethodError is thrown when a Java class trying to invoke a method from another class which is not exist. Typically, this error has to be caught at the compile time. However, this error also thrown at run time when class has incompatibly changed. This error is sub class of java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError. This class inherited from the […]