java.sql.SQLException: Can’t call commit when autocommit=true Exception


When you work with JDBC application, by default the auto commit is set to true, after the transaction is completed all the transactions are committed to the database. When it is set as true, you can not explicitly call the commit method. If you call the connection.commit() method, then the below exception will be thrown.

Connect To MySQL With JDBC Driver


Here is an example to connect your JDBC code to MySQl database. You have to download mysql.jar for the JDBC driver class from here.   If you are not copying the mysql.jar file in the classpath, you will get the following error.

New features in JDBC 3.0


This article provides an introduction to the array of core new features available in JDBC 3.0. More specifically, the features ‘supporting save points’, ‘using parameter metadata’, ‘updating large objects’ and ‘auto generated keys’ are discussed. Wherever possible, to get a hang of it, relevant code samples have been provided in the respective sections. Download Source […]

JDBC Interview Questions

1) I have the choice of manipulating database data using a byte[] or a java.sql.Blob. Which has best performance? java.sql.Blob, since it does not extract any data from the database until you explicitly ask it to. The Java platform 2 type Blob wraps a database locator (which is essentially a pointer to byte). That pointer […]

JDBC connection in JDeveloper with MySQL database


The Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) API is used to access a SQL database from a Java application. JDBC also supports tabular data sources, such as a spreadsheet. Oracle JDeveloper is a free Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for modeling, developing, debugging, optimizing, and deploying Java applications. JDeveloper 10g is used to develop J2EE applications comprising the JSPs, […]

JDBC 4.0 API in Java 6.0


1) Introduction Java Database Connectivity allows Application Programs to interact with the Database to access the Relational Data. JDBC provides the Pluggable Architecture wherein any type of Java Compliant Drivers can be plugged-in even during the run-time. The JDBC API provides functionality to establish Connection to the back-end Database session which can execute the Queries […]