Jersey : The ResourceConfig instance does not contain any root resource classes


When you are working with Jersey REST web services, you would encounter the following exception. This is occurred either of two reasons. doesn’t exist in your web.xml. included a package path, but that is not included any jersey services. If you check the above two reasons and resolve it, the below exception will […]

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/objectweb/asm/ClassVisitor


When you work on Hibernate, Jersey or any third party API, most of these APIs have the dependency with the asm.jar file. ASM is an all purpose Java bytecode manipulation and analysis framework. This is a common framework used by many of the thrird part frameworks internally, that is the reason many projects have this […]

Spring and Jersey Integration Example


This tutorial explains how to write a simple example using Spring and Jersey. This example uses Jersey for the REST implementation, Spring is used for managing the beans. In my previous tutorial, I have explained how to write a simple REST application using Jersey. We also can use Spring alone for implementing the RESTful web […]

RESTful Web Service using Jersey


In this tutorial I am going to explain a very basic example using Jersey REST Services. Building webservices using the REST concept is popular because of its simple nature and light weight. We have already explained how to write REST services using the Spring MVC framework. Spring provides out of the box support for the […]