javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Name is not bound in this Context Exception


When you are working with the JNDI look up, quite often you would encounter the javax.naming.NameNotFoundException thrown by your application. JNDI names are registered in the registery, if you try to access the name which is not registered or by the wrong format, you would get the javax.naming.NameNotFoundException. Lets look at the below code for […]

Dependency Management with JNDI


In this article we will see an introduction to dependency management through JNDI (Java Naming and Directory Interface). We will see how to name resources with annotations and how to search dependencies are created. Furthermore, we see examples of using JNDI API and alternatives to search certain components. The business logic of an application is […]

DataSource through Java Naming and Dictionary Interface (JNDI)


This article is based on Lift in Action, to be published on July 2011. It is being reproduced here by permission from Manning Publications. Manning publishes MEAP (Manning Early Access Program,) ebooks and pbooks. MEAPs are sold exclusively through All print book purchases include an ebook free of charge. When mobile formats become available […]

Accessing objects in JNDI using Spring


1) Introduction Spring provides support to access objects from the JNDI Repository. This article will begin with the JNDI concepts along with a sample JNDI Application. Then it will proceed with the various core supporting classes available in Spring for JNDI Integration. Following that, practical samples would be given to make things clear. The pre-requisite […]