Spring Data REST + GemFire + jQuery Integration


This tutorial explains how to integrate Spring Data REST, GemFire and JQuery frameworks. Multiple JavaScript frameworks can be integrated with the Spring Data REST for consuming the services. We’ve explained integration between Spring Data REST & AngularJS, where in a GemFire in-memory platform was used for presenting the data repository. Also read: Spring Data JPA Spring […]

jQuery JavaScript Library – Animations, Event Handler, AJAX and JSON


jQuery is a JavaScript library that greatly reduces the work of encoding and allows us to do complicated things like animations, event handling, use of AJAX , the JSON object , etc.., in an easy way. jQuery can run on any browser such as FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, etc.., unimpeded. To start with JQuery we need the jquery.js file in […]

Creating Slideshow With jQuery


In this article we will learn how to create a slideshow without the help of jQuery plugins and which can be run on any web browser, not leaving the site heavy and without bugs. Creating websites has been changing lately. In the 90s it was rare to see a site organized and fully standardized. Today we have […]

Loading XML using jQuery AJAX


In our previous articles, we discussed about how jQuery AJAX works and also various jQuery global AJAX event handlers available in jQuery. In this article, we’ll focus on accessing an XML document residing at the server, reading and displaying content of the XML using jQuery AJAX. In the following code example, we send an AJAX […]

jQuery Effects – Hide, Show and Toggle


We can create great animations using jQuery. jQuery provides various methods to create animation effects in the web pages. We can use standard animation effects those are most frequently used and also we can customize the effects for better visuals. In this article, we’ll discuss about jQuery basic effects. Let’s discuss about three main methods […]

Working with DOM Attributes using jQuery


In the previous article we learned about manipulating CSS class using jQuery. In this article, we discuss about dealing with DOM attributes using jQuery. jQuery provides flexible methods to get or set DOM attributes and values of the matched elements, and to get or set property values of the matched elements and also to get […]

Manipulating Styles with jQuery


In the previous article we discussed about manipulating element CSS Classes using jQuery. In this article we’ll explore how to read or manipulate style properties of elements using jQuery methods. The CSS Classes defined using class attribute can be used to control the look and feel of an element. A predefined CSS definition matched with […]

CSS Class Manipulation with jQuery


Each HTML element can have a CSS class attribute which controls the look and feel of the element. The CSS class of an element corresponds to the style sheet definition. Style sheets are managed separately from HTML or any other presentation code for better maintainability. Often need arises to manipulate these class attributes to assign […]

jQuery Event Handling – Form Events


We discussed about mouse events, keyboard events in previous articles. This article discusses about form events jQuery supports. jQuery has five form events namely blur(), change(), focus(), select() and submit(). These events are triggered when we interact with HTML form elements like moving away from the element or when the element loses its focus, changing […]

Refreshing DIV Content with jQuery


Frequently we may have to add or update content of the HTML elements in the web pages. The data we need to add or edit may come from various sources dynamically. jQuery has number of utility methods to achieve this goal. We can add elements or edit element’s data using jQuery.  For instance, we can […]