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JSF 2 Flash Scope Example

To minimize session scope bloat, it makes sense to use scope of request as much as possible. Without the redirect element, you …


JSF 2 UI Debug Example

When you place the ui:debug tag in a Facelets page, a debug component is added to the component tree for that tag. If the …


JSF 2 UI Remove Example

Sometimes, to find out which part of a jsf view causes a stack trace, you may want to use the time-honored divide-and-conquer …


JSF 2 Redirect Navigation Example

You can configure the JSF configuration to redirect to a new view. Then the JSF implementation sends an HTTP redirect to the client. The …


JSF 2 Navigation using From Action Example

You’ve already seen the navigation using  Dynamic Navigation – Action Outcome, but as you’ve noted the using of navigation-case element within a faces-config.xml …


JSF 2 Static Navigation Example

The navigation is one of the powerful points that makes the development of the web application more easier. From the day one …

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