JSF + Scala Integration


Scala is a popular programming language for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Like Java, it is strongly typed and object-oriented, but it also supports functional programming. Many developers are attracted to Scala because it requires less boilerplate for common constructs, such as properties. Scala does support calling a code in the Java Library from it, so it’s possible to integrate […]

JSF + Groovy Integration


Groovy is another popular programming language for the Java Virtual Machine. Groovy is dynamically typed, and groovy code can be more concise than the equivalent Java because you can omit types of variables and parameters. Almost any Java code is legal groovy, that’s make it simple and easier for getting started using it. Ultimately, using the Groovy […]

Integrating JSF and JPA


Introduction MVC architecture has become the default choice for developing web applications. It has become a tradition to develop web applications using multi-tier architecture and hence involving one or more Frameworks. A Framework ensures faster development cycle and guarantees the usage of proven design patterns and architecture. There are various Frameworks available for each layer; […]

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