Core Tags in JSTL

[ In the second part of this tutorial on JSTL, the author explains how the tags in the core-group can be used in JSP pages, with a number of simpleexamples.] We are now ready toexperiment with all the tags in the ‘core’ library. The core tags have the following uniform‘uri’. ‘' =============================== ( However, in […]

JSTL Configuration Error


If you are getting the following error while running the JSP 2.0 in Tomcat server. It means the application is missing JSTL jar file. If you add standard.jar and jstl.jar the problem will be solved. also read: Java EE Tutorials Java EE 7 Tutorials Java EE Interview Questions

JSTL Function in JSP 2.0


In JSP 2.0 we can perform string operations in JSP without using any java code inside scriptlets. This is possible with the latest release of JSTL 1.1. The new library called Functions with prefix as fn allows us to perform string operations in JSP 2.0. also read: Java EE Tutorials Servlets Interview Questions New Features […]



The Struts community has ordained that JSP should bestrictly a ‘view-technology’, in the Model-View-Controller Architecture. According to Struts philosophy, JSP should not deal with Data-Accesss and such data accessshould be done by ‘Model’ components only.( read ‘beans’). JSTL , however, provides for sql tags, inspired by ColdFusion! ( please see a very short tutorial on DB-Operations using ColdFusion’ available in this issue as a separate lesson. and compare JSTL […]



No one can have any second opinion about the elegance of xml tags in JSTL. If the readers have been following the earlier installments of this J2EE series of tutorials, they would have come across JAXP,DOM,SAX ,JDOM and such terms, and it mayhave been none too easy to learn. But the xml tags in JSTL , make XML […]

An Introduction to JSTL


AsJ2EE programmers, we are familiar with Servlets , JSPand JavaBeans.Any JSP page should encapsulate the business logic in a bean and invoke it by using <jsp:useBean>tag.Till recently, a combination of Servlets, JSP and beans was the standard practice. But, the JCP realeased an API for enabling programmers to create custom tags and use them in their JSP pages. […]