JSF 2 Installation and Configuration Using Maven 3


JavaServer Faces (JSF) is a server side component framework for building Java Technology web-based application. JavaServer Faces (JSF) consists of two main parts: The JavaServer Faces API for representing components, managing their states, handling events, handling server side validations, and achieving data conversion; defining pages navigation, supporting internationalization and accessibility and providing extensibility for all these […]

How To Create EclipseLink Project Using Maven Archetype


This article should discuss the installation and configuration of EclipseLink-JPA using Maven dependencies and Maven archetype project creation principle. This article assumes that the machine that used for installation is already have installed a Maven. So the “mvn” command should works. This article will use an Eclipse Kepler release 1 as an Integrated Development Environment, so be […]

How To Build Spring MVC Web Application With Maven?


In my previous tutorial I have explained about how to create a web application using the Maven tool. This tutorial explains how to build your web application project using the Maven artifacts. What is artifacts?. Every framework developer have the repository to store their packages where maven would download from the given artifact id. This […]

Create Web Application Project With Maven


This is a simple tutorial explaining how to set up your Web Application Project With Maven and then how it can be converted to the eclipse project. If you have earlier used ANT tool for building the Java projects, it is little difficult to understand the working method for the Maven at first. Maven is […]

How To Install Maven On Windows?


In my previous article I have written about how to install Maven in Ubuntu?. It is much easier in the Linux OS then setting up in the Windows OS. As we know, Linux does the installation through its package manager and there is no need for the mannual settings of path or anything else. In windows, it’s […]

How To Install Maven On Ubuntu?


Apache Maven is project management tool which is following the concept of a project object model (POM). Maven can manage project’s build and documentation from a central place. Maven 1 actually was started as a sub project of Apache Turbine in 2002. It was released in July 2004 as v1.0. Maven 2 was released in […]

How to write a Custom Plugin for Maven?


In this article, we will learn about Maven which is a project management framework that provides a configurable approach for managing software projects. Maven covers all the necessary phases that happen right from project creation, building, documentation, reporting, installation and deployment. This article begins with the basics of Maven along with the concepts like Project […]