PrimeFaces + Spring Roo + Spring Data + MongoDB Integration Example


This tutorial will introduce the integration of Primefaces, Spring Data & MongoDB frameworks. This tutorial assumes the you are familiar with the Spring Roo for creating the spring applications. Also, I assume that you are familiar with the Mongo DB. If you’re not, it’s good for you to go back into the below tutorials for getting […]

Spring Data + MongoDB + REST Shell Integration


This tutorial guides you through an example for understanding the integration between Spring Data, Spring REST and MongoDB. As you are going to use the rest-shell for achieving different operations against database. Entities will be persisted into MongoDB in the form of which an outer entity will save a reference to the inner one. Unlike the most […]

PrimeFaces + Spring Data + MongoDB Integration


This tutorial guides you through the integration of various frameworks like PrimeFaces, Spring Data and MongoDB. In our previous tutorials, we have explained more about the each topics PrimeFaces, Spring Data & MongoDB. Here a simple example for using the Registration form where the details will be finally stored in the MongoDB database. Connect With Us : Google+ […]

Spring Roo + Spring Data + MongoDB Repositories Integration


Since Spring Data includes support for MongoDB repositories, we can use MongoDB as a persistence option when using Roo. We just won’t have the option of using the active record style for the persistence layer, we can only use the repositories. Other than this difference, the process is very much the same as for a Spring ROO […]

Spring Data MongoDB Tutorial


Spring Data for MongoDB is part of the umbrella Spring Data project which aims to provide a familiar and consistent Spring-based programming model for new data stores while retaining store-specific features and capabilities. The Spring Data MongoDB project provides integration with the MongoDB document database. Key functional areas of Spring Data MongoDB are a POJO centric model […]

PrimeFaces + EclipseLink / JPA + MongoDB Integration


This tutorial explains the PrimeFaces + JPA + MongoDD integration. We are going to create a Pie Chart application using the PrimeFaces component library with the additional software JPA and MongoDB for the persistence mechanism. Before writing any snippet of code, you should have a proper installation and configuration for both the database (MongoDB) and the […]

Using Morphia- Java library for MongoDB

In our post on developing sample Todo Application using JavaFX and MongoDB, we showed how we can use MongoDB, JavaFX to create a sample application. In that post we used the API provided by MongoDB to carry out the DB operations. In this post lets look at how we can use Morphia to carry out […]

Developing a Simple Todo Application using JavaFX, Java and MongoDB- Part-3


In the previous post we created the UI for adding a new Todo where in we used a Tab, TabPane and added the required controls- TextField and a Button to the Tab. also read: Java FX Tutorials Developing a Simple Todo Application using JavaFX, Java and MongoDB Using JavaFX Chart API to add charts to […]

Developing a Simple Todo Application using JavaFX, Java and MongoDB- Part-2


In my previous post: I setup the objective of our sample application and named it as TodoFX (I know lot of you would have missed the naming part, lack of creativity in naming drives me create portmanteau of technology and usage of app) Created the back end for our sample application, in the process we […]

Developing a Simple Todo Application using JavaFX, Java and MongoDB- Part-1


Over a series of 2 posts or so, I would try and show how to develop a simple Todo Desktop application using JavaFX as the Frontend, and the well known NoSQL database MongoDB as the Backend and using Java as the glue between both of them. The main aim of developing this application is to […]