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PrimeFaces Collector Example

Collector is a simple utility to manage collections declaratively, collector requires a collection and a value to work with. It’s important to …


PrimeFaces ColorPicker Example

ColorPicker is an input component with a color palete, where it’s value should be a hex string. ColorPicker has two modes, default …


PrimeFaces Clock Example

Primefaces provides a time component for taking the time from the user by using the Clock component. Clock displays server or client date time live. When …


PrimeFaces Captcha Example

Captcha (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart)  is a type of challenge response test used in computing to determine whether or …


PrimeFaces Button Example

One of the component that already extended by the Primefaces is the p:button, which extends the basic functionality of h:button. p:button usage …


Primefaces BreadCrumb Example

Primefaces provides different kinds of navigation components, one of among them is BreadCrumb, it’s one of the navigation component that provides contextual information about …

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