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PrimeFaces BlockUI Example

Primefaces BlockUI component is used to block interactivity of JSF components with optional Ajax integration. BlockUI requires trigger and block attributes to be defined. With the special ajax integration, ajax requests whose …


PrimeFaces AutoComplete + POJO Example

In my previous post, I have explained how to use Primefaces AutoComplete component in conjunction with completeMethod. But what if the user has decided …


Primefaces AjaxStatus Example

AjaxStatus is a global notifier for ajax requests, it uses facets to represent the request status. Most common used facets are start and complete. …


PrimeFaces AjaxBehavior Example

AjaxBehavior is an extension to standard of f:ajax. As already mentioned at the JavaServer Faces 2 Tutorial, different components have used the …


Primefaces AccordionPanel Example

AccordionPanel is a container component that displays content in stacked format. That component has associated with a type of org.primefaces.component.AccordionPanel Java Class. This tutorial …


PrimeFaces 5.0 Released

In December, PrimeFaces team has announced that they are working on the next major release PrimeFaces 5.0 with lot of new components. …

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