WebServices : REST vs SOAP


The World Wide Web is evolving from a sea of information to a service oriented marketplaces and Web Services are a critical part of this evolution. What is a Web service? A web service is a method of communication between two electronic devices over the World Wide Web. W3C defines web service as a “software […]

RESTful Web Service using Jersey


In this tutorial I am going to explain a very basic example using Jersey REST Services. Building webservices using the REST concept is popular because of its simple nature and light weight. We have already explained how to write REST services using the Spring MVC framework. Spring provides out of the box support for the […]

Implementing RESTful API for obtaining the book details for an ISBN


Lot of developers out there at some point in time would want to know about an API to get the book details and I was in such a situation sometime back and I managed to find out about ISBNDb. But when I looked for the apis sometime later, I landed here where there are 53 APIs […]

Invoking RESTful Web Service using API in java.net and GSON


In our previous post, we wrote about parsing JSON using Java and GSON library. Moving further, in this article we will look at how to use classes in java.net package to invoke a RESTful Web Service and then parse the JSON response using GSON library. For this we make use of the Twitter REST API […]

Invoking SOAP and RESTful Web Services using Flex 4.0


Introduction Flex 4.0 framework facilitates to interact with various kinds of RPC services. Flex Applications can invoke traditional Web Services or Restful web services that returns XML, JSON etc. MXML’s RPC components provides access to SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) based web services and Restful web services using HTTP Services. Flex supports requests and responses […]

RESTful Java Web Services


RESTful Java Web ServicesThis article is sample chapter for the book RESTful Java Web Services. If you’re already familiar with REST theory, but are new to RESTful Java web services, and want to use the Java technology stack together with Java RESTful frameworks to create robust web services, this is the book for you. also read: What […]